The Fault In Our Stars

I think this is the longest I have left it between posts! Its not my fault honestly. I have just been running around like a loon juggling loads of work stuff and I just landed the most brilliant job ever! Yet I can’t talk about it having signed a confidentiality agreement which is sooooo frustrating. I will be writing about it and tweeting and all that stuff once things are up and running. I can’t wait to share the new recipes I have been developing. Anyway I should stop talking about it or I will give the game away.

Other then my current new thingy, I have been busy with work and all things kids. I have been cooking up a storm for work, did a TV promo with a new up and coming TV chef called Alex Head. She runs a cafe and a catering business. Lovely lady. Look out for her on TV soon. I also spent a wonderful afternoon with my lovely friend Graziella who was back from Brazil for a week or so. Fifty or so friends with 3 BBQs took up a corner of London Fields. The kids tried lots of fab food and there favourite were chicken hearts skewered like a kebab and barbecued. They loved them so much I brought some the following weekend and pan fried them with butter, garlic, cayenne pepper and served them on toasted ciabatta. Yum.

I also took another trip to Brussels and landed a job (the one I can’t talk about). I love Brussels, It is a beautiful city. The beer is divine. I have decided its the only beer I will drink now. What is the point of that watery other stuff you get here. I tried a peach beer, wonderful on a hot summers day and also a black cherry beer, lovely but the peach was my favourite. So started the afternoon with summery fruity beer and ended the day with a beer that was so drinkable I had um well I think 3 but I can’t actually remember the exact number probably because it is 9.5% proof. Westmalle a trappitst beer one only a handful of abbeys that still brew and sell their own beer. I want to stay in their guest house and drink their beer. Oh and also eat their cheese.

Talking about cheese, I made while I was there, with my pasta machine. Ok yes I brought a pasta machine, but thats only because I brought 6 Clonakilty  black puddings with me. Look don’t ask its perfectly normal. Although as usual alarm bells go off as I go through security. Its a pasta machine for gods sake! As all of my bag is emptied and scanned for IUDs the nice security lady says. “thats a lot of black pudding you have there….

Anyway I met my lovely bloke. Have I mentioned him before, probably not but anyway he is Irish and its nigh on impossible to get his favourite black pudding in Brussels so I came armed with enough to keep him going for a couple of days. I made for lunch a ravioli stuffed with black pudding and blue cheese. It was bloody delicious. I also pan fried some with blue cheese and prawns. It sounds odd I know but the sweetness of the prawns goes so well with the pudding.

I leave you with a few photos. My favourite of which is Tilda who did a deliberate face plant into an entire chocolate cake at the Brazilian Barbecue!

Recipe next week promise!

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