Just Rolling Down This Road

Ok, so I have no idea what happened to January! Christmas is a blur of friends and family. I had 15 people over for Christmas dinner. Totally packed them in like sardines. It was a blast. Kids, dogs, friends of friends I have never met. It was the perfect mix of familiar and new. I cooked enough to feed 30 people and my neighbour Will cooked the about the same amount so we were eating Christmas dinner for days afterwards, as it should be.

My title is very apt for January my god I feel like my blood has been replaced by goose fat! So boringly and as usual and it only lasts about a week or two I am trying my best to be super healthy. I am not in anyway aspiring to be a vegan but I can definitely dip my toe in.  In a way I like the discipline of less ingredients. Not that there isn’t a gazillion different veg that are a available at this time of year. In fact January is wonderfully full of green stuff. Brassicas and all things hardy and dark green.

I have a couple of recipes to share with you this week. So simple and healthy and filling. I made whole roast cauliflower with a spice rub alongside a chana (chickpea) daal and sautéed kale, spinach with fennel. The vegan contingency were happy!

I leave you with a recipe and a few pics. Oh and Rufus got a new skateboard and insisted I showed everyone!

Have a lovely end of the month!


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Roast Fennel and Rocket Salad

I made this today because a Ridley Road Market stall was selling 3 fennel bulbs for £1. Its a delicious winter salad, you can add some shavings of parmesan or any sharp cheese. I think it will also work with a good goats cheese too.


  • 1 fennel bulb – sliced lenthwise
  • bag of wild rocket
  • handful of mixed seeds
  • handful of dried berries
  • splash of olive oil
  • a capful of red wine vinegar
  • Maldon sea salt and black pepper


Turn on the oven to 200C and place the sliced fennel bulb in a shallow dish, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle sea salt over then roast for 20 minutes. Until the fennel is golden and soft.

On a plate toss the rocket, berries and mixed seeds then place the warm fennel on top and drizzle with a little olive oil and red wine vinegar and season with salt and pepper.