Burger Me

After doing a couple of shifts at the 3 Compasses Dalston for my lovely friend Michael AKA Stephen Fries. Flipping burgers and assembling his signature Stephens Piggie and Fat Ronaldo, he asked me to pop in and do a bit of tszujing for a burger shoot.

A few tips on styling a burger. First have a chef who knows how to cook a burger properly, which Stephen clearly does. The basic rule is, assemble the burger so you can see every element, the lettuce, the burger, the onion, the sauce. That and a little bit of oil to make the burger glisten just before you shoot. Thats it!

Have a lovely weekend.

Skinny Ribs….Not

I have actually survived the first week of the summer holidays! All of my children are present and accounted for. I haven’t checked into rehab…(yet) and I have managed to create some lovely dishes and eat out twice in the week!

There has been a few hiccups along the way, a total and utter meltdown in a superstore, I tried to contain myself but it had been a very challenging day……..

One of the restaurants I visited this week was Comedor Grill and Bar in Islington. A South American inspired restaurant located at the upper end of North Street. Such a wonderful friendly atmosphere and the food was great. I had prawn stuffed calamari which was really delicious and the churrasco argentinian steak was huge (even I caved and shared it). It is a marvellous cut of beef and the churrasco sauce was piquent and perfect. I also tried a couple of things I have never come across before. Yuca chips. The Yuca is a yam like root veg. I wasn’t so keen on them as a chip but then I tried Causa. It was a cold dish of mashed yuca with avocado and a prawn mayo. It sounds bizarre but it really was delicious. Lovely….

In between wrangling children and working. I assisted Lisa Barber on a shoot at Le Champignon Sauvage this week. I did a ton of childhood memory faire.  I cooked pork ribs with my bbq sauce. My take on my mums recipe.  I always keep the ribs together when I roast them then slice them when they are warm and sticky. I also try to make sure they marinate for at least a couple of hours before going in the oven. The barbecue sauce is fresh grated ginger, crushed garlic, tomato ketchup, soy, brown sugar, olive oil, chilli flakes. I also made a slaw of white cabbage, carrot and in homage to my mum threw some sultanas in (so 1970’s). I made a bucket load of mac n cheese too and added some bacon in, just because.  The kids devoured it, I barely got a look in, all is right in the world.

Have a wonderful week.

Rachelle x

Calamari stuffed with prawns and served with quinoa

Hmm I think I liked it…

This is the causa, you have to try it. Its delicious





Blue Skies and Blue Eye Shadow

“…….Also I have lost the girls”. Not the words you want to hear from your ex who is looking after the children.  I am on my way back from a shoot and have called to check in.  I am sure I will be receiving all kinds of road traffic offence fines in the next couple of weeks!

Girls were found, fed, put to bed, ex was suitably reprimanded! The war zone of doom (my flat) was put back together.  Wine was consumed and we all lived to see another day!

All of the above is, unfortunately par for the course and I have become used to putting out such fires. What I wasn’t expecting was to leave my house the next morning sporting blue eye shadow.  I can only presume the 2 yr old, given free reign under, the not very watchful eye of his father, decided he would raid my make up bag (he will be renamed Rupaul).  He very kindly left me the dregs of my make up bag and disposed of all the expensive stuff. What the hell, you never know, it might come back into fashion, I may start a trend in East London.

The shoot with Lisa was great fun, we shot at The Crown in Amersham.  What a beautiful setting, I took a few photos of the day.  I am busy this week floral designing for a couple of events next week and also developing recipes for an Indian food shoot on Friday.

Have a wonderful day

Rachelle x

We arrived and they were clearing up the breakfast table. I had to take a photo of this. It has given me a ton of ideas for Honey inspired recipes…

This was delicious a flat bread with olive tapanade and all things lovely

Suitably decimated by me….