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I’ve always found cooking therapeutic.
During difficult times in my life I retreat to my kitchen, literally baking my way back
to happiness. For me, it’s not just a place to prepare food – it’s a place to work through
your troubles, and repair your soul.
In late 2011 my 12-year marriage ended, and life seemed pretty daunting. I was
suddenly a single parent of three beautiful children. I had bills to pay, and my own
heart to heal.
My philosophy has always been: when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Or
bake lemon polenta cake, lemon meringue pie, lemon drops, Tuscan lemon chicken,
Asian style fish dish with lemon rice, lemon drizzle cake… well, you get my drift!
So I found solace in my kitchen; baking cakes, making pasta, stirring risotto, and
creating new dishes for my wonderful family and friends. Through food, I restored
my confidence, and found my new direction in life.
I wanted to utilise my skills as a Mum, teacher, cook, and food stylist and writer, and
introduce people to my ‘Kitchen Therapy’. So I set up this blog to tell you all about
my in-home cooking classes, and to introduce my readers to delicious, nutritious
recipes they can try at home.
But, more than that, I wanted to show you how cooking can bring more balance, joy
and comfort to your own life.

How to Love, Learn AND Cook…

Rachelle x


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