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It is always nice when someone praises you for your work. Over the months I have collected the small comments made by my clients. I thought I would share them with you.

“My wife having after decades insisted on my taking a cookery course. I found myself with 3 Hours X 3 with Rachelle one to one. First it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience with a great girl. Secondly an intriguing plan was formed with the last session concentating on signature dishes- ‘vodka soup! went down a treat! I learned and enjoyed.” -Lord Remnant

“Rachelle, can I just take this opportunity to thank you and your team for giving Madi a great party on Sunday. Everyone had a wonderful time, and you were a perfect host and I really wish you every success for the future.” – Jennifer K

“Rachelle, thank you so much, we really enjoyed the class and Sara had a great Hen Night. The Caribbean food was delicious, I will definitely be making the chicken stew again” – Octavia L

“Rachelle  thank you for being such a patient tutor.  I couldn’t boil and egg and I can now make Lasagne and roast a chicken. I’m looking forward to next time.”

– Dr Khan

Rachelle, A quick note to thank you for your time and inspiration on Saturday. I enjoyed it immensely.  You never mentioned your talent with flowers which I just discovered by looking at your website. I also see why you take so many photos of your food… – Simon E






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