Look At The Sky

I feel like I should be writing a diary of “Summer Holiday Survival”. Ticking off the days and patting myself on the back for making it through another day with all my kids still alive and unscathed. We may be holidaying in London this summer but to be honest I cannot think of a better place to be. There is always free stuff to do and I think if the weather carries on doing what it is doing, I may enter a BBQ Off competition. Last weeks Bucket BBQ was bloody brilliant. I have never cooked beef ribs before. As they were the only ribs left at the Halal Butchers I thought I would give them a go. I made a dry rub with chilli flakes, garlic powder, sugar, salt and other stuff and rubbed the ribs then stored them in the fridge for 24 hours. They were very much appreciated by the marauding hordes of Mordor (AKA kids).

I can say many, many things about my kids that drive me to distraction and more. Yet the one thing I can always rely on is when in a restaurant, their behaviour is beyond reproach. My god, I have never known kids that are so focused on the task at hand. The menu is scanned, they ask questions about the food, they are not shy about suggesting menu amendments to managers and they never ever leave the table unless absolutely necessary. Why would they? There is food on the table. There is the flurry of excitement after the food has been ordered, then the constant looking for their waiter to see if their food is on its way. When the food arrives the cries of excitement and suitable yum noises and then silence. That wonderful silence, the only time my kids are silent.

We recently visited  Cafe Rouge in Holborn, they were promoting their new kids menu and I noticed their main menu had changed too. Now I haven’t visited The Rouge for many a year. I think the last time was for a brunch when I was preggers with the boy.

Wow we had a wonderful time. I think they have totally revamped their menu. The kids tried a mini portion of snails each and they didn’t hesitate. Lola especially loved mopping up the garlicky butter with her bread. Then the real eating began…..Bouef Bourgignon, sauteed chicken, cheese burgers, steak and chips, mussels, more snails, pasta, ice cream, wine, juice, more wine…..All the dishes were met by gasps and “Oooh” and can I have some more please. The staff were really attentive and friendly. My kids and I give Cafe Rouge a big thumbs up. We loved it so much we went back a couple days later to try the other half of the menu!

Wishing you all a great week, I’m off to get ready for yet another BBQ!

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