Wait For Me To Come Home

Help the summer holidays are looming! Its like a dark cavernous void of childcare dilemmas! As usual I will spend the next couple of weeks in total denial and then wake up in a cold sweat the Sunday before the holiday starts, freaking out about how the hell I am going to actually do any work! The youngest starts school in September which is a blessing and a curse. Pavlina their part time Nanny, is leaving to go travelling! No no this is not right, did she not realise she signed a contract to NEVER leave me!

Denial still standing, work and projects are beginning to arise at an alarming speed. I will never ever complain about work coming in, the juggling of rug rats however is a whole job in itself.  I have a wedding coming up at the end of July, flowers not food. I am hosting a Pop Up on the 9th of August and a load of stuff is happening in between.

The highlight of the week had to be my few hours kid free in Carnaby Street.  I was invited to preview a few of the vendors who are going to be representing at The Carnaby Street Eat on the 20th August.  I managed to deposit the kids armed with pizza and wine at  my friend Gordon’s and escape for a few hours to Kingly Court. A little gem nestled away in the back streets of Carnaby Street. You walk down a narrow covered path and enter into a smorgasbord of eateries. The idea of the evening was to give a bunch of us a taster of a few of the restaurants who  will be participating in the food festival on the 20th July. We met at Wright Brothers a wonderful seafood, oyster specialty restaurant. The chef Sasha Ziverts talked in detail about the Duchy Oyster Farm and Fishery in Cornwall. He showed us how to shuck and oyster and we tasted the most amazing Sashimi with cucumber and a soft paratha cheese dish which was sublime. Next off to Choccywoccydodah which I’m sure you guys have heard of. The original shop is in Brighton established 20 years ago. Its chocolate madness and more. You really have to check out their store. We were given a tour of their “Secret Garden” upstairs is an Alice in Wonderland inspired tea room, filled with grass covered surfaces and pretty mirrors and vintage lampshades. We left armed with choccy goodies, to sample some of the menu at Shoryu Ramen. We tried some gorgeously sticky goyoza with their signature Hirata Buns, filled  char siu pork belly and also wagyu beef. So delicious, you have to go. I unfortunately had to leave early to rescue Gordon from the clutches of my children. I really love this part of London. It is a tradition with me and the kids to come to Carnaby Street at Christmas to see the lights then grab lunch at Wagamamas. I think we will now visit Kingly Court for our Christmas treat. I leave you with a few pics from the evening and a little video of  Sasha (Wright Brothers) expertly shucking an oyster, which I then consumed…Bloody delicious!

carnaby6 carnaby2 carnaby3 carnaby4 carnaby5

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