When The World Has Dealt It’s Cards

Where to start? Its been a busy few weeks, no excuse really for not writing but a girl can only do so much. I have eaten some amazing food, styled some amazing food, made some amazing food, and fed some amazing people.

So I may be exaggerating a tad about all the food I ate being amazing. My kids harangued me to feed them some KFC during the half term break. It was late, I was tired and I caved. I ate a piece. You see fried chicken to me is a real treat, KFC well hmm. Sorry its pretty horrid. I am not even being a food snob. It just tasted of well soggy saltiness.  I guess it was a good thing though because it inspired me to make a batch for Lola’s birthday.

I use free range chicken thigh and drumsticks, with the thighs trim the excess fat. The key is to poach them first in butter milk, well 1 pot of butter milk topped up with milk. Or I sometimes just use milk and squeeze some lemon juice in. Cover the chicken pieces with the milk and gently simmer for about 20mins or until the chicken is cooked through.  It looks pretty gross. Pasty chicken with lumps of boiled milk stuck to them.  Just pat off as much of the milk as you can and leave the pieces to dry.  I then season plain flour with lots of spices. I make up different combinations of spices and seasonings. garlic salt, salt, pepper, chilli powder, dried thyme. Remember to be quite liberal as the process of frying can dull the flavour a tad. Beat a couple of eggs in another bowl and then using one hand. Flour, egg, flour. Fry in a couple of inches of oil until golden brown, season with salt as soon as they come out of the pan. Now that is fried chicken!

No fried chicken to be found at Layla Restaurant in Wimbledon, but I am not complaining. Lisa Barber and I grabbed lunch there last week. A Lebanese restaurant and a lovely space, Lisa and I sat in a cozy alcove and then proceeded to order what felt like the entire left side of the menu! Baba Gannuge, Hummus with diced lamb, wonderful little filo parcels filled with cheese and served with a spicy dip. We had the most tender lamb dish, Castaleta Ghanam. The lamb was cooked and seasoned perfectly and served with roasted veg and soft dauphinoise potatoes.  Lisa and I rolled out of the restaurant! Lovely.

We also shot at The Avenue Restaurant in the West End. Crazy mad hectic shoot but again Lisa and I pulled it out the bag! The Restaurant was originally designed by American architect Rick Mather and has recently had a revamp and it looks spectacular. The food looked and tasted bloody good too.

I leave you with some photos of the lovely Layla Restaurant yumminess and also of course the fried chicken.

laylarestaurant laylarestaurant3 leylarestaurant friedchicken bananacrunchmuffins