Would It All Make Sense

My god the last week or so has been a whirlwind of work, kids, socialising and sometimes all at the same time! I don’t really know where to begin. The kids and I have spent every spare minute that we have in the sunshine on London Fields. Last weekend was idyllic. Sunshine, picnics and cricket. I have no idea what the rules of cricket are, I have no idea what the game entails apart from hitting a ball and running around a bit. I just love the fact that lots of guys are dressed in white, it looks so good. Oh yeah and any sport that breaks for an hour or so for a giant lunch has my seal of approval.

I took the kids to Feast In The Fields at London Fields Brewery last weekend too. I love that venue. It has a really good atmosphere about it. Really friendly staff and also they have a totally rocking DJ. The music was brilliant. It took a while for us to choose what to eat. I had a selection of samosas and bhaji’s courtesy of Gupta. The kids ate burgers the size of their heads lovingly created by a fellow ginger from Beard to Tail and I also sampled some of the local beer and even though I am not at all a beer person, I must admit it was delicious. I could be converted.

Because I have been so busy (I was working on Valentine Warners new show coming up in September) and also because of the weather I have been creating lots of salady things. My addiction to rocket knows no bounds. I literally eat a giant bag a day. I cannot seem to get enough of the peppery yumminess. I seem to go through stages with food and recipes. I take one thing and try to make it a ton of different ways. I am in a hummus phase at the moment and have pretty much created a different hummus everyday. My kids are now kind of over it. I must admit I got a little carried away and made individual pots for each of the kids. They were not impressed. They looked so sweet, the hummus pots, not the kids.I made my usual base of chickpeas, preserved lemons, tahini, garlic, fresh lemon juice, coriander, cumin. Then I topped them with olive oil, toasted pumpkin seeds and smoked paprika.

I leave you with some photos of fun and frolics in the park, the end of year summer fete at the kids school oh and Rufus has found a new best friend. Pavlina’s friend Mike. In fact Pav and I fall of the edge of the world when Mike is around.

Love Rachelle x

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