Don’t bite the hand that feeds you

Sometimes life takes you, grabs you, turns you around and launches you into a situation where you sink or swim. My dad did that literally to me when I was very young. Threw me into the water and luckily I swam. Don’t worry, that will be one family tradition I wont be upholding.

The children returned to school last week and what heaven and bliss that is. Love them dearly, oh darling children of mine, but I have to admit, my first solo (ish) summer holiday as a working parent did very nearly finish me off. It was like an endurance test with no prize at the end.

The autumn term began thus: The kids are back to school for one day and I am booked very last minute to do a job in Grenada! That is how life changes so quickly, I barely blinked and I was on a plane gearing up to work on a cooking show for Channel 4.

I was gone a week or so, and the real work began when I came home. I spent three days retraining the children back into their routine. I cooked a ton (of course) and it took four days for them to finally sit down at the dinner table to eat and talk civilly, as opposed to swinging back on the chair, play fighting each other with cutlery, throwing food and generally acting like feral children….

Day one I cooked, roast chicken, roast potatoes and roast veg. No pudding, that privilege was removed after superbly terrible behaviour at bedtime the night before.

Day two I cooked, Sausages in onion gravy, peas and mash potatoes, still no pudding, the spanky one actually left me speechless!

Day three, I cooked, Black bean and veg soup with southern corn bread and corn on the cob.  The children were sitting down, we chatted about school, Tilda said “This is delicious”, Rufus, hummed and said “Mmmm” and they all asked for thirds. Hallelujah my children are back!

The whirlwind of the last week or so was not helped by the fact that my phone and camera and internet have all gone down at the same time  I almost feel the need to apologise for the lack of foodie pics on this post, but somehow I think it is exactly how this post should be……

I will however leave you with a recipe for Southern Cornbread. And a few pictures from the Grenada shoot. (cornbread photos to follow I promise)

Take Care

Rachelle x


Southern Cornbread

This is a recipe from “The American Woman’s Cookbook”

  • 1half cups of corn meal
  • 1half cups of hot milk
  • 1tsp salt
  • 2tbsp butter
  • 2 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1 egg beaten
Mix milk with corn meal and stir in salt and butter.  Cool. Add baking powder and egg yolk  and mix well.   Fold in the beaten egg. Pour into an 8x8inch buttered pan and bake in a hot oven (200C).20 minutes.
If you wish you can scatter diced bacon on top before baking….I always do