Skinny Ribs….Not

I have actually survived the first week of the summer holidays! All of my children are present and accounted for. I haven’t checked into rehab…(yet) and I have managed to create some lovely dishes and eat out twice in the week!

There has been a few hiccups along the way, a total and utter meltdown in a superstore, I tried to contain myself but it had been a very challenging day……..

One of the restaurants I visited this week was Comedor Grill and Bar in Islington. A South American inspired restaurant located at the upper end of North Street. Such a wonderful friendly atmosphere and the food was great. I had prawn stuffed calamari which was really delicious and the churrasco argentinian steak was huge (even I caved and shared it). It is a marvellous cut of beef and the churrasco sauce was piquent and perfect. I also tried a couple of things I have never come across before. Yuca chips. The Yuca is a yam like root veg. I wasn’t so keen on them as a chip but then I tried Causa. It was a cold dish of mashed yuca with avocado and a prawn mayo. It sounds bizarre but it really was delicious. Lovely….

In between wrangling children and working. I assisted Lisa Barber on a shoot at Le Champignon Sauvage this week. I did a ton of childhood memory faire.  I cooked pork ribs with my bbq sauce. My take on my mums recipe.  I always keep the ribs together when I roast them then slice them when they are warm and sticky. I also try to make sure they marinate for at least a couple of hours before going in the oven. The barbecue sauce is fresh grated ginger, crushed garlic, tomato ketchup, soy, brown sugar, olive oil, chilli flakes. I also made a slaw of white cabbage, carrot and in homage to my mum threw some sultanas in (so 1970’s). I made a bucket load of mac n cheese too and added some bacon in, just because.  The kids devoured it, I barely got a look in, all is right in the world.

Have a wonderful week.

Rachelle x

Calamari stuffed with prawns and served with quinoa

Hmm I think I liked it…

This is the causa, you have to try it. Its delicious






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