A Perfect Storm

Ok, I am not talking about the weather I promise. How funny life is, you have a bad day and everything seems bleak, (still not talking about the weather).  Then the next day everything is how it should be and you feel, right now I am supposed to be here doing this. All is right in the world, and the sun comes out.  Today was a good day.

I was at Petersham Nurseries in Richmond. If you love flowers and food then it is your calling. Drop everything and go.

Lisa shot Greg Malouf and his food. Greg is the new chef at Petersham. His Lebonese menu is incredible and he was such a joy to work with. I learn’t all about Dukkah, which is a spice mix comprised of sesame seeds, cumin, coriander, hazelnuts, sea salt. Different families and regions have their own version of this.  Greg was a total joy and he didn’t mind me at all asking him a ton of questions, “What is the name of this?”, “How did you do this?”, while he was plating up. There was a salad dish, that was comprised of, Nasturtium, Nigella, Endive, Chive flowers, Pansies, Frisse, Rose petals.  I was practically jumping up and down in the kitchen it was so beautiful, “I didn’t know you could eat Nigella!”

Hopefully, he will allow me to return…. His food was sublime, I won’t bang on too much but what a great day.

I brought all the ingredients to make my own Dukkah on my way home. I will write a recipe tomorrow, in the meantime, here are some photo’s of my day.

Life is good! Even when it’s a bit rubbish!

Rachelle x

This is a mixture of Apricots, Cardamon, Dates infused and cooked in Sherry and then puréed and swirled through Ice Cream.

Strawberry Granita with a chocolate and orange shard

Burrata, a Buffalo milk cheese, so delicious….



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