When He Says It’s Alright

I don’t get out much, well with three kids and a childminder who leaves at 6.30pm there isn’t much room for wild nights and dinners out. I do occasionally get invited to foodie events but mostly I turn them down due to all the above. All the babysitting stars aligned this week when I was invited to an event hosted by Walkers Crisps featuring Tom Aikens. I turned up at my friend Gordon’s and threw my kids at him with a bag filled with pizza bread and wine then ran before he could change his mind.

I turned up at The Natural Kitchen running a little late, I grabbed a cold glass of Sancerre, which I was immediately told by one of the staff goes really well with the Garlic Pitta Chips. Ok fab. It did in fact they had paired the wines perfectly with the chips and canapés that were created for the evening. Tom created a hearty posted up Mac n Cheese. Great evening and the 2 giant bags of crisps lasted about 4 nano seconds when I turned up at G’s to collect the kids, nuff said!

I leave you with a little video of Tom  and some more info on these yummy snacks!


Deli BALSAMIC 165g[2]

Deli Pita GARLIC 165g[1] Deli TC Red Chilli &#18E743[1]


– Walkers takes flavour inspiration from the finest European markets and delis to launch the latest in premium snacking –

This summer sees the launch of Market Deli, the exciting new range of premium snacks from the makers of Walkers crisps. The range – which has been inspired by authentic produce found in delicatessens – aims to bring home the great variety of flavours as found across Europe and the UK.

Available nationwide from 23rd June, the Market Deli range will feature pita chips and tortilla chips, in addition to the classic potato chip – providing even more variety for those with a passion for food.

The Market Deli range comes in eight mouth-watering flavours – with each flavour featuring irresistible real ingredients such as Mature Cheddar from Cornwall to aged Aceto Balsamico di Modena PGI and delicious Sundried Tomatoes from the Manisa region in Turkey.

Each of the flavour combinations and the ingredients used to create the new products, have been selected and crafted by food experts to ensure a truly indulgent and immersive taste experience, making Market Deli the perfect addition to an evening in with a partner and a drink.

Thomas Barkholt, Marketing Director at Walkers, said: “the new Market Deli range has been made with the finest real ingredients from across Britain and Europe to create a truly delicious snack that is perfect as a pre, or after dinner snack and will appeal to people with an interest in good food and great authentic flavours.

Market Deli will be available in potato, tortilla and pita chips in eight flavours, in 165g sharing bags at a RSP of £2.39. The potato chips are also available in single bags in Mature Cornish Cheddar, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and Flame Grilled Spanish Chorizo with Roasted Onion with an RSP of £0.83.

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