Summer Showers

Its a good thing, to have a shower, isn’t it? Of course it is.  It’s refreshing, it cleans you, its bloody marvellous. It is now.  For about, hmm… let me think, 6 months, it was the only place I could lock the door and cry. It’s a great place to cry, it’s top of the crying place league tables when you have 3 kids under 7. You can bawl your eyes out, no one hears you and then you just come out with red eyes because you got “soap in your eyes”.

Thank god those days are over! Although I do occasionally like to do a “Holly Hunter” in Broadcast News.  Spontaneously burst into tears, then brush my self off and get on with my day. Its very therapeutic, I highly recommend you try it.

This week not one tear was shed but a ton of vegetables have been consumed. I have a slight fear that I may be turning veggie! I seem to have accumulated enough vegetables to sink a battleship. That fact combined with my inability to throw “old” veg away means we have had a very diverse range of veggie dishes. My favourite thing right now is Roast Veg. Ok you may not think its very exciting but its sublime.

Take your root veg sitting in the drawer looking a bit sad for themselves, even brocolli that is beginning to turn yellow, mushrooms that are a bit soggy. Don’t bother peeling them, just cut them all up roughly the same size, Take some fresh Thyme, fresh Rosemary, toss on to the veg, throw some garlic unpeeled in if you have it. Drizzle with Olive Oil, then sprinkle with Maldon Sea Salt and some black pepper. . Roast for 40 mins or so at 180C.  You now have some thing so delicious, you can serve with pasta, cous, cous, on the side of a main meal. Or just on its own straight out of the roasting pan.  Take a look at  the photos I took yesterday,  Hope you have a happy rest of the week.

Rachelle X